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Are you aware of the risks?

How does being registered with Soteria benefit me?

If you employ contractors that do not comply with the OHS act and regulations, you are at risk of being
fined and or prosecuted if any injuries should occur. Soteria provides peace of mind when employing
from our list of contractors. All our contractors are vetted and comply with Occupational,
Health and Safety regulations of South Africa.

We offer ...

Compliant Contractors

Once listed as a client with Soteria, you can search for any type of contractor you require. All our contractors have gone through a strict vetting process and comply with OHS and regulations.


Time is money and this is something we understand well. That is why we offer our users a simple, step-by-step process to accessing compliant vendors.

Peace of Mind

Rest assured that our contractors are always compliant with OHS act and regulations.

Specialised Support

We always have a specialist on call and offer instant chat & support via our web and mobile application to both contractor and client.

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Are you compliant?

By law, you have to be!
This is what can happen if you are not.

According to OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY ACT, 1993 all vendors must have the correct certification in place before they are legally allowed to work as a contractor.

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